Are you synchronised?


In philosophy, there is something called “the Mind-Body Problem”. This part of philosophy looks at the question how the mind and body interact with each other.
Now I want to ask you: How do your mind and body interact with each other?


What’s on your mind? Is what you do synchronised with what you think?
Are you doing the things that genuinely give you pleasure or are you faking it?
Or are you stuck in the duty trap, where your mind overrules your body and tells you what to do?
Is what your inner compass tells you to do, actually what you’re doing right now?


Synchronicity of the mind (thoughts and wishes) and body (the things you do) feels so good. Doing the good stuff isn’t the same as feeling good from within. Get yourself together, literally: a healthy body is nothing without a healthy mind and a healthy mind is nothing without a healthy body.

Take care of your whole self.

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